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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Weekend and Night PubCrawls- October 27, 31

If there's one time in the year when you're allowed to dress up and act completely out of character, it only comes around in October - Halloween! This year, Miami is once again set to produce some of the best Halloween parties in the nation, but there's one event that's been getting everyone's attention this year. The producers of the world's largest PubCrawl - - are ready to once again break into history with a massive event that will take place in the city - the official Halloween PubCrawl in Miami!

They enlisted the help of some of the top watering holes that Miami has to offer, and getting your ticket soon gives you access to each one of them. Get ready to meet new friends, enjoy awesome drink specials, and visit the best bars in town while you're at it. Dress up in your best Halloween costume and prepare for this special Miami Halloween PubCrawl, it's definitely one event that you definitely will not want to miss!

Click here for tickets for the Halloweekened PubCrawl (October 27) 

Click here for Halloween Night (October 31) PubCrawl Miami! 

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