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Friday, October 19, 2012

Chocolate Sundays at Purdy Lounge- October 21

Mon-Fri 3p - 5 a
Sat-Sun 6p – 5a
Outdoor Seating: No

Price Range: $$

Music: DJ

Happy Hour: Yes

Alcohol: Full Bar
Smoking: Yes

Noise Level: Very Loud

Good For Dancing: Yes

 Ambience: Hipster, Divey, Casual

Has TV: Yes

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

 Purdy Lounge
1811 Purdy Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Visit Purdy Lounge for more details!

Review from Yelp!...
If I told you there was a lounge in South Beach with a house party vibe because you'll see all your old friends and get blackout drunk, plus an office party vibe because everyone is hooking-up with people they shouldn't, would you believe me? Well it exists but be careful what you wish for...


Chocolate Sundays --

Music - provided by rotating DJs playing open-format playlists including my favorite spinner, Jessica Who. I remember when her ex-bf/my former bandmate used to teach her how to hit cues and smooth transitions on his turntables. Now he owns a vegan hot dog cart and she's a resident DJ at LIV and is sponsored by multi-national corporations --

Drunken Spelling Bee - at midnight contestants drink a shot every round and have to spell what I thought were foreign words like rutabaga/proletariat/sepulchral /onomatopoeia. I won once but between the Happy Meals (Miller High-Life + shot of Jäger for $6) and downing 4 shots in 20 minutes, I didn't even touch the $50 bar tab prize. I became a modern day Robin Hood stealing from the rich and giving to the sober. Try it, at the very least you'll get a free shot out of it.

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